Commercial Property for Rent at Seven Mile Beach! It’s a Win-Win Situation for You!

In today’s global market, more and more companies are expanding their reach, with many looking to the Cayman Islands as the best place to establish or expand their business and either buy or rent commercial space. The islands are an ideal choice because of the healthy economy, zero direct taxation, a stable government and political climate and an educated labor force. In addition, the Cayman Islands are easily accessible and, as many are already aware, a very desirable location for other reasons, including their very supportive environment.

The Cayman Islands real estate market is booming, in large part due to the islands’ economic growth, increasing population and new and improved infrastructure. Even before the confluence of all of these positive elements, however, the Seven Mile Beach corridor in Grand Cayman was a magnet for tourists and businesses alike. The combination is perfect for those who are interested in commercial premises for lease in the Cayman Islands.

The established commercial real estate for lease in the Cayman Islands, along the Seven Mile Beach corridor, means that you will already have an advantage due to location, location, location – the three key words in real estate. Some examples of commercial buildings for lease in Grand Cayman include retail space in the Galleria Plaza, an office suite in Landmark Square, space in The Strand shopping centre, Buckingham Square, Fidelity Financial Centre and the Grand Pavilion. These are some of the premier locations in Grand Cayman and are worth a look for those who are starting or expanding their business.

The business climate is such that as of 2016, some 366 of Fortune 500 companies have subsidiaries in the Cayman Islands, according to a report by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group and the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy. With major companies such as Pepsi, Marriott, Pfizer and Goldman Sachs all having subsidiaries in the Cayman Islands, that’s another check in the win column for those considering renting commercial property in Seven Mile Beach.

The best way to find Cayman Islands properties that suit your needs and your budget is by contacting experienced real estate agents, particularly those trained by the Cayman Islands Real Estate Brokers Association (CIREBA). In addition, Cayman Islands real estate agents have established relationships at the highest levels with local government and providers of financial and professional services to give you ready access to the resources you will need once you find the property you intend to buy.

Start with the ideal location – Seven Mile Beach – and combine that with the knowledge of professional, trusted real estate agents, and you have the basis for your win-win situation when you are considering renting commercial premises in the Cayman Islands. Now is the time to begin your search, as the market is robust, inventory is being sought at a rapid pace and thus prices could increase. Take a look at commercial buildings for lease in Grand Cayman and get ready to make the right decision for your business.

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